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We live in hope!


Lets hope we get out the group stage and take our chances in the knockout round, and talking of knockout (what a segway, I am getting good at this!) it’s another film, if you’ve watched the others there’s a theme going through each film, but that’s not the main message of the short films anyway! I’ll let you work that bit out.

With all this short movie madness, I promised some still photography and here we go, I was back in the forests for Egger Forest management, have a look at the Facebook page for shot of the month it’s on there, it’s a nice shot of “man working in forest” but the light was really nice (a good tip, always try and point the camera in the right direction, which is sometimes, towards nice light!), which was shot around the same time as the harvester shot which is posted below, this one’s a three shot comp, which, one use of the image was to be a large format print for an exhibition panel two metres high (the finished result looked really impressive, photo quality even at close viewing distance! Again this is a problem solving way of working, I shoot these images in a way which gives a file that has multiple uses and is more versatle from a clients perspective, from A4 brochures to photo quality large format exhibition panels). Also you’re probably getting sick of the BTS shots, but when I get some I can’t resist posting them, sorry (thanks to Ben and Dave for the BTS).

Harvester pano BTS-1

The next post I hope will be me extoling the virtues of how we were either robbed or we played terrible but deserve to be the best team in the world for four years at least, come on! I can dream, can’t I.

till next time mb.

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Seeya mb