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Hello, here’s the June upload.

Been quite busy recently and I have some work I would like to upload but I can’t …… yet.

Spent some time in Leeds and Mykonos as you can tell from the shots in the blog, I wonder from my edit, whether the style and compositions are consistent, they should be as I shot them, but are they? I chose the shots to be uploaded ten days ago and since that time I have travelled to London to shoot some interiors and when I returned to look at the material to upload to the blog I feel different about my edit, I haven’t changed anything if you’re wondering? I think taking some time out, to re-asses your edit is a good idea. Commercially this sometimes doesn’t work, mainly due to time constraints, with the pressure to deliver the job, but if it’s a personel project try not to be in such a hurry, your work could do with some breathing space to develop – have a look at a little book called “A Technique for Producing Ideas” (McGraw-Hill Advertising Classic) by James Young.

As for why I haven’t changed anything, well I decided to live with my original pick and go back a couple of months later to see if I would have changed my edit even more, remember I shot these for me and as for style and composition I can see the traps I fall into, trying to shoehorn a composition into a pre-conceived idea because I am shooting personal work (where your location is, can have a bearing on this also), letting the work develop or find its own way is an approach I will be trying on my next adventure, I’ll keep you posted, so till next time, seeya mb.

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