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The Blast Seaham

Hi again, it’s the Blast Seaham, as I’ve previously mentioned in other blog uploads I like to return to the same location, sometimes over and over, and some of these locations aren’t the most glamorous! I’m sometimes not sure why, maybe I’m curious to see if I’ve missed anything or has there been any change (really thats a bit of a stretch as these locations especially the Blast Seaham as they’re usually landscapes) but once in a “crabs season” I find not only have I missed something, I’ve missed a bit of minor restructuring, the first shot features a concrete feature that definately wasn’t there last time! Usually when I return I’m after different weather conditions/lighting patterns, as thats an important part of image creation. On that note, I remember a conversation I had with a collegue a while ago, it went something like this, he said ” I wish I lived in California, the lights so much better there, sunny all the time, my photography would be so much better!” I said “I’ve never been to California, so I can’t comment on the weather there, but why would you want all your images to be the same, sunny! also I’m sure it’s the same sun there, as it is here!” Yes I know the angle the sun strikes a part of the earth is different, but you know the point I’m trying to make. when creating images it’s great to have endless possibilities of weather, time of day and we can also light on location! Sometimes the only thing that stands in the way is having the time to fit all this in!

The next blog post will hopefully be me getting soaking wet 9 miles inland and nowhere near a river!

bye from the Blast Seaham for now mb.

The Blast Seaham The Blast Seaham The Blast Seaham Me-sept 15