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Ready steady shoot!

I am back.

At the start of the year I was asked if I would be interested in a little project with Formica, to shoot the new range of work top designs, but to approach it in a “real life” feel to the finished images, so set biulds were out and real kitchens had to be sourced. Their were a few technical problems to sort out to go down this route, some of the work top designs were in the final stages of production, so a finished examples were not available but the main problem was shooting kitchens with different work tops on, than the new work tops, that we required! Another part of the job was to photograph “no repeat” patterned tops which were over four metres long and needed to be lit evenly, that was a good use of the inverse square law that I was taught at Newcastle college back in eighteen hundred and frozen stiff-thanks Alan.Talking of lighting, because of the “real life” look of the images the lighting had to be very subtle, no slashes of light down the walls or across the units, the work tops were the hero and the crop was specific, so the images had to tell the story with the key elements in certain positions within the crop, not easy, but if it was we’d all be doing this!

Even with all these challanges the job was a joy to work on, West Communications was the agency and the wonderful production was handled by Claire Stockton and Nina Athey, some styling by Laura Brown, Art direction was by Peter Rowan(I can read your mind), and the retouching and artwork a sterling job was completed by Michael Grieve and Paul Gillette. A project like this has to be completed by a team with everyone rowing in the same direction, hang on, we should have entered the olympics, well there’s always Rio!!

Hope you like the shots, as the client does, so we can all go to the top of the class!

I’ll be back, next month.