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Pittington Brass Band.

Not another film!

Yes it’s another film!

I know a chap who’s a member of said brass band, so I asked weather they would be up for some photography, they needed some shots for a web site, I thought it would make a good project for the blog and hopefully a couple of the shots could make my book or ipad folio ( what happened! I am embracing modern technology at a rate which could see me in a hover car by the end of next year). I organised to go to where they rehearse in a local hall, I had two ideas on how to approach the protraits and I tossed a coin as to which one to try out first.

My first idea was to shoot it mono, the uniforms are red as you can see in the second shots, but I was more interested in approaching the shots as a portrait first and who or what they did second, the lighting style is a bit harder using grids to direct the light to the side of the subject so they would stand out from the darker background (which is the reverse of the second lighting style).


My second approach was a more classic portrait look and lighting style, have a watch of the short film, white background lit with two heads with open dishes, a stop and a half above the reading of the main light ( thats so the background comes out white) which is a large beauty dish which is positioned off to one side, that gives a bit of fall off on the subject so the shadow side holds the subject in the frame. For all the camera fans out there I used Nikon D3x with a 85mm lens and a D7000 with a 45mm tilt and shift lens, all lenses set to f8.


I don’t know which treatment I prefer, they are portraits after all, and what was I trying to achieve, the bottom line here is interesting images, I’ve read recently that a portraits says more about the photographer and the viewer than it does the subject so I’ve the revealed a bit about me, what do you think?

seeya mb

Sorry forgot to mention, the website is going to change very soon, so I’ll be social media crazy, you have been warned!!