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Photo Diary

In the “rock’n’roll” world of photography I thought I’d share my Photo Diary of the normal/strange/amazing adventures I get up to. Dates have been changed to protect alibi’s due to on going court cases also the Loch Ness Monster was not hurt or asked to do anything that was not in his job description! (Sorry, I’m joking about the first bit!)

Day three in the big brother house- and Michael checks the weather on-iPhone/BBC weather app/Weather channel app-it looks ok! I set off to a portrait shoot, part of an ad campaign, then spent two and a half hours standing under the boot of my chariot sheltering from the rain to come to the conclusion we’ll have to come back another day, oh dear!

After surviving the vote off in the jungle-we’re off on a product shoot, this one’s not weather dependent! The products are fantastic, very sculptural, a bit tricky to light, but thats part of the fun. Got a couple of images to create that will help the designers comp some elements of the product together, so a bit of thinking outside the box is in order, to help solve some problems, all went according to plan, everyone happy! (client supplied lunch! Fantastic, this is the life!)

After my CV was rejected for the Sunderland managers job, my attention was distracted as Newcastle college are running Erasamus week, bringing together staff and students from Holland, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Finland and the UK to work on a colabarative project entitled “the lives of others” with speakers and workshop presenters from film producers, copywrters, creative marketeers with a keynote speaker to give an after diner presentation on story telling in advertising by, you guessed it, me! And here’s an appraisal from the Head of Digital Arts Creative and Digital Industries Graham Stouph-“It was great to have your company last week at the Erasmus+ dinner and your after dinner talk was fascinating. It was great to see your journey from leaving education to becoming an established regional and national commercial photographer. Your discussion also raised issues of storytelling and how to produce images with strong themes and narrative.

I also liked how you linked everything to target audiences and you also focused in on the 16 to 24 target audience that had been set for the students” result!

Many more adventures have been had, but I’ll finish this one with a bit of monster hunting! A short drive (yeah right, have you seen how far it is in the snow) to Loch Ness, after an hour spent on the shore of the Loch, Nessy was knowhere to be seen, but I did hear a russling in the bushes! Until panic set in and a BIG snow filled cloud made an appearence so we had to make a swift exit home. Photographic proof will be shared on this very blog/computer screen near you soon, so stay tuned! mb