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This time, it’s, kitchen lifestyle photography.

Hello, its, kitchen lifestyle photography.

As promised a while ago, here’s a digital upload, it’s Formica Kitchen Living visual marketing concept PDF on an iPad. If you go back quite a while you can view the previous Axiom job here. You can also read about the various problems and challenges that had to be solved for that concept, so this time round we had the usual issues to solve and a new challenge, people! Real people!

The art director on the job was Peter Rowan, here’s his take on it “The tricky thing about photos of ‘real people’ is always the people themselves. “I’m not a model” are always their first words. We know, that’s why we chose you just to be you, was always the reply.

For the latest Formica Kitchen Living visual marketing concepts, getting people to behave naturally and capturing that ‘moment’ in a staged environment, was the trick to producing some very successful shots (with the client and ‘models’) which Michael Baister Photography captured perfectly.

“Hip replacement!” Michael (in joke). Great work”.

Too many toys used on this one. Nikon D800e, Nikon 24mm/45mm/85mm PCE lens, Nikon SB800’s Elinchrome AS3000 pack/heads, Calumet genisis 300B heads, Giottos tripods, Manfrotto lighting stands/geared tripod heads, Calumet radio triggers, 7&5foot brollies and elinchrome flooter/sunlight reflectors.

Seeya soon mb.

kitchen lifestyle photography.

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