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Its all about Ike.


It’s been a good year, with a bit of a sad end on a personal level, but this being the blog for Michael Baister photography, what have I been up to recently? I’ve finished a book project which was a blast, shots look really good (I would say that wouldn’t I) which will be printed in February (thats Feb’s blog post taken care of) but at the moment I am preparing for a shoot for a clients xmas campaign for next year, I am also preparing for a fantastic job in January which will be BIG pictures, unfortunately thats all I can say at the minute. But lets get back to Xmas, I had an idea about a Xmas mailer a while ago and I needed to find someone with a turkey, a few phone calls and a tip off from a mate-thanks Danny, I had contact with a guy with a turkey, so I organised a date to shoot a turkey! I originally had one idea, which was the studio style shot, but when I was there the other style and composition idea became an alternative, oh by the way the turkey’s called Ike.


At the time of me writing this upload, I am not sure as to which shot will make “the shot of the month” mailer for Xmas, the studio style shot has its’ own charm as a character study, but the “Great escape” background of the other shot is quiet apt for a turkey this time of year, what do you think?

On a tech note, the shots were taken on a Nikon D3, 28-70mm lens, 1/125th@F8, iso400, with a SB900 shot through a modified flash reflector, it’s a bit of a home made thing from two different flash products but it works great on head and shoulder portraits. Ike was a bit of a live wire, he had three girl friends in his pen so sitting for his portrait wasn’t the first thing on his mind but with help from one of the staff who look after Ike we managed to complete the task of shots for blog upload December.

Hope everyone has a great Xmas and lets hope next year’s just as exciting as this one!