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World Cup flags

World Cup fever was with us, but hang on, we’ve still got a third place play off to go, but meanwhile back in the shires, World Cup flags are a common sight and these examples are from the superfans! Also if you’ve been paying attention, my previous posts have declared that England would win the World Cup, BTW I say this every four years, hoping one day this will come to pass, I’m forever the optimist-when it comes to footy, so never mind the third place playoff, in two years we’ll win the Euro’s!! COM’ON ENGLAND!(but good luck to everyone else. I’ve got to say this has been the best World Cup I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen a few!)
Hang on this is a Photography blog! Stuff used on this one, Nikon D800e, 24 and 45 PCE lenses, Firecrest big stoppa, Big Benro Tripod with 401 manfrotto geared head. Seeya mb

World Cup Flags-1
World Cup Flags-2
World Cup Flags-3

Corfu June-18

Corfu June-18, as promised, here’s the Sony RX100v in a sunnier climate! I’m just testing the still photography here, the video is for another post. For the gearheads, I would have normally used a Fuji X20, nothing wrong with the camera I was wanting to upgrade the video side and the RX 100v has better video, but on closer inspection I prefer the Fuji for stills, at the moment!(BTW-all the cameras are set up to shoot raw files!)

seeya soon mb



Welcome to Wales. I had the pleasure of a couple of days in Wales, so here’s a few snaps taken with a new toy- Sony RX100v, initial thoughts are quite good, lets see how it copes in a hotter climate. Check out SOTM for June, it’s a bit footy themed, well it is the World Cup, what did you expect!


Wales-3 Wales-2 Wales-1

Music photography-Talking Dog

More music photography-Talking Dog this time. A different approach this time, strobe lighting and why not, it’s exciting trying a different tools to bring an alternative look to the images.

Gearheads- Nikon D4, 16-35 f4 vr lens, Godox 360 flash.

Talking Dog-1 Talking Dod-2

Urban Sciences Architectural images

Here’s a little number, Urban Sciences Architectural images. Using PCE lenses I either created images that don’t have converging verticals or I created three files in which I stitched together to make a larger image that has a wider angle of view than the focal length of the lens that created each image. Sometimes a macro focusing rail has to be used, to off set the camera, so any parallax error can be avoided, maybe I should run a workshop on this? I recently ran a workshop on lighting and location portraiture at Newcastle College of Art and Design, there’s a few snaps from this workshop on the photography Facebook page.

Toys used on this one-Nikon D800e, 24mm PCE lens, Giotto tripod, Manfrotto geared head and Lee/Firecrest filters.

Urban-sciences-staircase Urban-sciences-exterior