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SOTM review 2018

And as a creature of habit, it’s the annual SOTM review 2018 – all 13 of them! It’s a good job I’m not sponsored by anyone, all these were created with Fuji, Sony, Nikons all of various flavours! So here we go with 2019 and hopefully another year of adventures, I wonder where I’ll end up?

SOTM review 2018

Savour magazine

Here’s a couple of projects for Savour magazine, one for the Brew Stories Lads at Allendale Brewery and another for an artlical about Grape vrs Grain. If you visit the Brew Stories Lads Facebook page you can see a short film that accompanies the grain part of the magazine piece. Below is a selection of images that didn’t make the cut with the magazine articals (BTW I didn’t shoot the front cover image) of the guys discussing the beer choices for the festive period (watch the film, it’ll all make sense!). Oh and with all talk of the festive period, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Xmas/holiday/or what ever it’s called now and lets have another load of adventures next year! mb

If you’re interested the Xmas shot of the month’s out, it’ll be on the photo Facebook page and for all the gearheads all the images shot on Nikon D4 with 28/35/50/85/70-200 lenses and all the video was created with Nikon D800’s,D4,Sony rx100v with 28/18-50/110 lenses. lite with tungsten practicals 4600 kelvin, lotsa tripods and light stands.


Spire bridge-2

Spire bridge-2, Here’s my alternative view (as promised) of the new bridge in Sunderland, I’d wished I could have been a bit higher! Have a look at a previous blog post to pick your favourite, sorry it’s not a competition, well it is for me I suppose!!

Different stuff used on this one, so for the gearheads-Nikon D800e, PCE 45mm, Benro-big tripod (that’s a tech term!), ND4 filter, 120sec exposure-I wished my iPod still worked, hi-vis jacket-note to self, I need a new belt for my pants, also for the people following “hat gate” as you can see I still haven’t found the hat, sporting a little red number!!

Spire-2 Spire-bts

Shot of the month-November

Shot of the month-November, this is an alternative version, if you want to see the the image that was included in the mailer here’s the link to the Facebook page.


Spire Bridge

There’s a new bridge across the River Wear and it’s called the Spire Bridge. I’ve seen quite a few attempts at photographing it but not from the view point I chose. This view required a bit of map reading and a recce, all worth it when I ended up with the final image. Oh! and before I forget, I’ll make it public knowledge that I’ve another view, which is from another angle I’ve not seen before – the pressure’s on!


Spire-bts-1 Spire-bridge-1