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Saltburn Pier

Saltburn Pier, a trip to the seaside usually means fish and chips, not this time. This was an in between job visits, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this, the last time involved ruining a pair of shoes!

Nikon D800e with PCE 45mm.

Saltburn pier

2019 Shot of the month review

It’s the 2019 Shot of the month review, ooohh! And the results are in, four portraits (sort of) four buildings, three landscapes and one interior. If you want to compare stats from previous years you’ll have to look at the previous January blog uploads (I’d do that sooner rather than later, things might be changing around here!). For the gearheads cameras used this year are (number of images in brackets) – Olympus EPL-1 (1) Sony RX100v (2) Nikon D3 (2) Sony a6300 (2) Nikon D800e (4) Nikon D7000 (1)


Look after her

Look after her, a simple message, an urban landscape created on the North Sea coast at Grangetown Sunderland. Happy Xmas, new year and all that! I’d like to thank everyone who was involved with all the commissions over the last twelve months and lets see what adventures next year brings, I’m sure it’ll be just as much fun as this year.

Look after her

Jesmond Dene House

Here’s another adventure at Jesmond Dene House, this is fourth phase in the upgrade of the interiors of Jesmond Dene House – a luxury boutique hotel – by Newcastle upon Tyne based interior design consultants, Karen Walker Design. Here’s a bit of background to the job and in “TV land speak” a word from our sponsors.

The restaurant, private dining area and Garden Room now provide a light and airy dining experience for both hotel guests and casual diners. The interior design takes cues from the secluded and tranquil private gardens surrounding the hotel.

Continuing their close working relationship with Michael Baister Photography, Karen Walker Design commissioned further portfolio shots for the website once the latest upgrade to Jesmond Dene House was complete.

“Having photographed our previous projects, Michael has developed an acute understanding of how we wish to portray our work online,’’ said Karen Walker, Director of Karen Walker Design. “As usual, we were delighted with the results. Michael’s empathy and the technical ability he brings to each project are second to none. Thanks again Michael.”

Here’s a screen grab from her website, use the link if you want to be amazed at the wonderful interior design.

Seeya soon mb

Karen Walker Design web page Selfie-KW-MB

Lost in Glencoe

Lost in Glencoe. ‘How?’, I hear you ask. Well, it went something like this… On a recent jolly to Scotland, I had a bright idea to visit the usual photo hotspots in Glencoe – not wishing to create images of them, just wanting a look (I would have taken a few shots if I had time). I was really after creating some images from locations that have possibly been overlooked.

What really happened was that the weather wasn’t the best (hey, it’s Scotland!) I couldn’t find any of the usual spots I had in mind – I was therefore, not in the best of moods. I was cold and it was getting dark so I returned to the holiday lodge to cook myself in the hot tub whilst eating too much food. After all, I was there to enjoy myself!

As you can see from the ‘behind-the-camera’ pic’s, I’ve a new bag: LowePro Flipside 400. Oh! and a selfie of Mr Not Very Happy.

Here’s my shots from the trip. Next time I’ll be a bit more prepared – I’ve bought a map!

Seeya soon mb

Glen-Coe-1 Glen-Coe-2 Glen-Coe-BTS