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Back in the kitchen

Back in the kitchen, with all the foodie/drinkie images I’ve been creating lately. So here’s a portrait from a happy job (they’re all happy jobs!) from a short while ago. I’ve changed the way the final render was – made it a bit more edgy! But hey it’s the joys of digital, but really nothings changed, we’ve always had the ability to reprint images any way we’d liked. It’s just the tools we used to perform these tasks have changed so much. So with all this modern tech in mind, lately I’ve been watching YouTube videos of people shooting with large format cameras. So I’m contemplating dusting off the old 5×4 or 10×8 camera and joining in with the analogue revival, lets see what happens in the coming months.

Dave-angel hotel corbridge

Nikon D3x, 45mm PCE with a little pop of flash from a SB800 from camera right.

Shot of the month January-19

Here’s an alternative for Shot of the month January-19, with a bit of BTS in case you don’t visit the Facebook page. It’s a busy start to the year so lets hope it continues and for the gear heads SOTM was created with Nikon D800e PCE lenses 24,45,85 with 16 stop nd firecrest filter, Neewer timer, Benro tripod with manfrotto geared head. BTS shot with iPhone.


steetley pier steetley pier bts

Think Ahead

It’s the second post of the new year and what a title: Think Ahead. You think I’d be making these up – but you know I wouldn’t do that! This is a short film to promote the Think Ahead programme that “is a new route into social work, for graduates and career-changers remarkable enough to make a real difference to people with mental health problems”. The project was created for and with Infinite… over a two day shoot near Nottingham in summer 2018. As usual the whole process was a lot of fun (the sponge pudding and custard was a wonderful bonus!).

SOTM review 2018

And as a creature of habit, it’s the annual SOTM review 2018 – all 13 of them! It’s a good job I’m not sponsored by anyone, all these were created with Fuji, Sony, Nikons all of various flavours! So here we go with 2019 and hopefully another year of adventures, I wonder where I’ll end up?

SOTM review 2018

Savour magazine

Here’s a couple of projects for Savour magazine, one for the Brew Stories Lads at Allendale Brewery and another for an artlical about Grape vrs Grain. If you visit the Brew Stories Lads Facebook page you can see a short film that accompanies the grain part of the magazine piece. Below is a selection of images that didn’t make the cut with the magazine articals (BTW I didn’t shoot the front cover image) of the guys discussing the beer choices for the festive period (watch the film, it’ll all make sense!). Oh and with all talk of the festive period, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Xmas/holiday/or what ever it’s called now and lets have another load of adventures next year! mb

If you’re interested the Xmas shot of the month’s out, it’ll be on the photo Facebook page and for all the gearheads all the images shot on Nikon D4 with 28/35/50/85/70-200 lenses and all the video was created with Nikon D800’s,D4,Sony rx100v with 28/18-50/110 lenses. lite with tungsten practicals 4600 kelvin, lotsa tripods and light stands.