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Kenneth Arthur Dodd

Here’s an image I created quite a while ago of Kenneth Arthur Dodd, there’s a funny story about this, but I can’t really share here, on this post, if you see me in the street I might tell you, but sorry, not here! Oh, and by the way, he was lovely. I’ve photographed other “celebs” and one of them is still in jail! But Mr Dodd was fantastic, I only had 10 minutes and after I had created what was required, all I wanted was a portrait, I hope you can tell, I was a bit of a fan! For the gearheads-Nikon D2x 24mm lens.

Kenneth Arthur Dodd

Alternate shot of the month for March

It’s an alternate shot of the month for March. More of a square-ish landscape than a square-ish portrait, that’s made SOTM for March!

Raich Carter-Hendon

Roughting Linn

Hi, it was my birthday recently and here’s Roughting Linn (how old? Now, now, a lady never tells!) so here’s the image from my birthday trip out!


Rock n Roll adventures

More Rock n Roll adventures, this time for Falling Red, promo images for their new album. Got more music stuff to come, must be doing something right!

Stuff used on this one-Nikon D4, D3x lenses-Nikon 28/50/85mm with a Sigma Dx10-20 used on full frame (go on, work that one out!) Flash Godox 360’s

Falling Red


I came across this in Gateshead and it reminded me of someone I knew, isn’t it amazing how photography can work, they say the majority of our history is learned through photography and it’s under 200 years old!

For alan