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Music photography-Talking Dog

More music photography-Talking Dog this time. A different approach this time, strobe lighting and why not, it’s exciting trying a different tools to bring an alternative look to the images.

Gearheads- Nikon D4, 16-35 f4 vr lens, Godox 360 flash.

Talking Dog-1 Talking Dod-2

Urban Sciences Architectural images

Here’s a little number, Urban Sciences Architectural images. Using PCE lenses I either created images that don’t have converging verticals or I created three files in which I stitched together to make a larger image that has a wider angle of view than the focal length of the lens that created each image. Sometimes a macro focusing rail has to be used, to off set the camera, so any parallax error can be avoided, maybe I should run a workshop on this? I recently ran a workshop on lighting and location portraiture at Newcastle College of Art and Design, there’s a few snaps from this workshop on the photography Facebook page.

Toys used on this one-Nikon D800e, 24mm PCE lens, Giotto tripod, Manfrotto geared head and Lee/Firecrest filters.

Urban-sciences-staircase Urban-sciences-exterior

Kenneth Arthur Dodd

Here’s an image I created quite a while ago of Kenneth Arthur Dodd, there’s a funny story about this, but I can’t really share here, on this post, if you see me in the street I might tell you, but sorry, not here! Oh, and by the way, he was lovely. I’ve photographed other “celebs” and one of them is still in jail! But Mr Dodd was fantastic, I only had 10 minutes and after I had created what was required, all I wanted was a portrait, I hope you can tell, I was a bit of a fan! For the gearheads-Nikon D2x 24mm lens.

Kenneth Arthur Dodd

Alternate shot of the month for March

It’s an alternate shot of the month for March. More of a square-ish landscape than a square-ish portrait, that’s made SOTM for March!

Raich Carter-Hendon

Roughting Linn

Hi, it was my birthday recently and here’s Roughting Linn (how old? Now, now, a lady never tells!) so here’s the image from my birthday trip out!