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Hatton Gallery

Hi, here’s some images “in the wild” for the Hatton Gallery. Unfortunately no big explaination/how and why at the moment, you’ll have to wait a short while for that.


Hatton Gallery

Cresswell beach

Yes, I’ve been here before, Cresswell beach. I intitially wanted to try out a new piece of equipment, but the weather wasn’t conducive to what I wanted to achieve (not telling what the new toy is, just in case it dosen’t work out-another eBay experience) so back to default mode and a few cavalier landscape/seascapes were the order of the day (cavalier in the sense that they were 50 foot from the car (in this case it was my tent), explained better here).

As promised in “shot of the month” this post is a bit of a break from all the portraits that are on their way, Septembers “shot of the month’s” all …….. Sorry you’ll have to wait, if you’re not on the list, it’ll be on the Facebook page and it’s not just the images waiting to be posted, I’m working my way around the country creating portraits for an ad campaign that’ll be out before the end of the year. So, it’s busy, busy, got to dash, seeya soon mb.

Cresswell beach Cresswell beach Cresswell beach Cresswell beach

Architectural interiors-Durham

Hi, here’s a selection of architectural interiors-Durham (which is a bit of change from a post about a post, uploaded to a blog post!-thanks DW from bringing this phenomenom to my attention), from a recent commission from Karen Walker Design, (other projects that I was involved with can be viewed here) the brief was to create images that highlight the design/style/colour choice of the project. It might not be obvious but any lighting that I used had to be subtle so not to distract or overpower the feel of the intended design goals. Here’s a few words from Karen “Back in January 2015 I started work on the Interior Design of a domestic architectural interiors-Durham City, and, here we are in July 2017, the final items of furniture and finishing touches just about to go in. My client had fixed ideas about the look of interior he wanted, a modern, chic but timeless interior similar to the London interiors he frequents during business trips.

The period property was extensively modified, extended and fully redecorated throughout, to provide a completely different look to what had been before – it changed from frilly pelmets and chintz in greens and terracotta, highly fashionable a number of years ago, to contemporary high-end luxury living, in shades of grey.

A contemporary palette of greys was used throughout, punctuated by accents of orange and purple. On the floors, polished Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles were used in the kitchen, hall and bathroom whilst American black walnut flooring was used extensively throughout the ground floor living areas and bedrooms paired with sumptuous bespoke rugs from Silkwood Floorcoverings. Designer fabrics from Zinc textiles, Andrew Martin and Designers Guild, coverings from Brian Yates Wallpapers, Tektura and Vescom together with lighting from Porta Romana and Heathfield completed the glamorous ambience.

Emphasis on detail was key in creating the individual interior and I worked closely with local cabinet maker RS Cabinetmakers and Tmanners to deliver finely detailed furniture designs.

The combination of clean lines and warm furnishings has resulted in a stunning home for my client and his wife, both thrilled with their new contemporary interior and lifestyle”

As you can see, there’s a bit more to this photography malarkey than meets the eye!!

Equipment used on this adventure- Nikon D800e-tethered to laptop running lightroom, 24,45,85 PCE lenses, 35mm shift lens, Godox360 flash units, Gossen colour temperature meter, Colour checker target, Lee lighting filters.

Architectural interiors-Durham

Take Notice

Take notice from the notice board, well it’s a telegraph pole really, and obviously an important telegraph pole!


Notice Board Corfu

Scottish Borders Housing Association

Hi, just like tennis, my summer sport is Scottish Borders Housing Association (there is a difference, not to keen watching tennis, but I thoroughtly enjoy Scottish Borders Housing Association’s annual report!). Yes I know I’ve posted images from SBHA before, including a word from my sponsor (chief of communications) but with this post, it’s a conglomeration of the last five years (design by Whitenoise Creative of Edinburgh) I know I’ve said this on many occasion, it’s nice to see photography in the finished design and on that note, just wait till you see a job I’ve finished that’s just waiting to go out!

Toys used on this lot-Nikon D3 with 28mmf1.8,50mmf1.4,85mmf1.8,24mmPCE and High speed flash from SB800’s with tuff triggers.

Seeya soon mb

Scottish Borders Housing Association