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Aprils late upload.


Sorry about the title for this one, yes I’ve done it before, but I’ve got to keep my stats right, it’s more like a personal goal of publishing something once a month! It’s a good thing to have a goal and speaking of this, it’s nearly time for the world cup, every four years I convince myself it’ll be this year, when all the planets a line and we will be victorious, but back on planet earth I think I must sit in a room which has a gas leak every four years!

Oh, and talking of football (what a segway!) you’ll not have to wait long for another short film and yes, it’s about football! But back to this upload, I had an idea for a series of short films that the content would include a narrative that interested me and the subject, I would use a treatment that I thought worked with the narrative and it also kept me from sitting in front of the TV watching “cash in the attic”, only joking about the last one. I am not that good with the arty tripe like the “sun and the moon (I am on about planets again!) causes a magnetic impulse, that causes a shift in the embryonic state of that derelict building or blue plastic bucket”. I made the films, as it’s what I do and I enjoy it! I am not trying to save the world but England winning the world cup in my lifetime would be good!

Hope you like the film, not belong for the next one.

PS, don’t be put off that it’s a four minute film, you’ll be surprised.

seeya mb