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Cresswell beach

Yes, I’ve been here before, Cresswell beach. I intitially wanted to try out a new piece of equipment, but the weather wasn’t conducive to what I wanted to achieve (not telling what the new toy is, just in case it dosen’t work out-another eBay experience) so back to default mode and a few cavalier landscape/seascapes were the order of the day (cavalier in the sense that they were 50 foot from the car (in this case it was my tent), explained better here).

As promised in “shot of the month” this post is a bit of a break from all the portraits that are on their way, Septembers “shot of the month’s” all …….. Sorry you’ll have to wait, if you’re not on the list, it’ll be on the Facebook page and it’s not just the images waiting to be posted, I’m working my way around the country creating portraits for an ad campaign that’ll be out before the end of the year. So, it’s busy, busy, got to dash, seeya soon mb.

Cresswell beach Cresswell beach Cresswell beach Cresswell beach