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Book project

Hi, it’s a book project! And a film!

I enjoy the process of collating images and the production of constructing a book. Over the years I’ve had a go at all sorts of book design, from the “fold in half and put a staple through the crease” along with “Origami funny fold cover” to hide the binding,  to the “glued in spine” also the heady heights of “hand stiching” and the design and creation of my hand made bespoke portfolio you can see near the end of the film. This book project is a leather cover and ink jet matt pages (a good matt print can sometimes be a challange) usually the idea behind producing a book is to show it in person, but for a strange reason, I’ve made a film of  the pages turning (I know it’s a bit odd), but someone commented that the images are “out of this world” and as you can see, if you want to view the portfolio you better call fast before the aliens take it back to Zarg56! Oh, and before we get all concerned about the immanent alien invasion, collating and layout with this book project is something I enjoy, I try to “connect” images with colour, composition, layout and type. Usually these things are left to designers and editors, but I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few over the years so some of their skills have rubbed off on me. If this short film has tickled your interest and you want to view the portfolio, please get in touch via the usual channels of the interweb and the mobile phone airwaves, don’t worry, it’ll be yours truely who’ll present the book project and not “Zakblak” from Zarg56.


Also, before I forget the music was produced by Daniel Baister.