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EGGER Forestry ads

It’s March ALREADY, but first, here’s some EGGER Forestry ads that were shot for EGGER last year, one of the compositional considerations were they all had to be shot with the same structure, so they “belonged” to each other. Here’s what Jackie-Corporate Relations Manager, has to say “EGGER Forestry developed a series of adverts to promote the company and how it could realise the potential for forest owners and also maximize the value of their investments.  As part of this MB Photography was commissioned to take the accompanying photography. EGGER Forestry was very clear on the imagery required. By working to a tight brief, the required look and feel of the images were delivered and the adverts are now in circulation”. When these images were created additional lighting had to be introduced to balance the image out as these images were taken in the middle of the day (this isn’t “fill in flash” the light has to work with the natural light). Also these images required some subtle retouching, but I’m not going to spoil the magic by revealing what, I’ll let you try and work it out!

EGGER Forestry ads

And as an added bonus! This is a small job for print, it’s for EGGER Wood Purchasing. The front cover image had to be constructed so all the communication elements were in the shot, but the biggest challange was to control lighting.  My two subjects outside in an industrial enviroment (health and safety was paramount here) whilst the sun was coming in and out. The lights were on stands and I used radio triggers to fire them but with the fast changable lighting coditions I balanced the lighting ratios and I had to wait for the sun to come out in order to take the shot. I also used a long lens (to add more complications) a 200mm, that meant the subject was quite a distance from me, so with the noisy machines going about their work my singing voice took a battering that day! Next time I’ll bring two way radios or maybe one of them loud hailers, ACTION!

See you soon mb

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EGGER Wood Purchasing