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Sunderland Civic Centre

Hello, and after last months landscape shot of the month, here’s an “architectural” post of Sunderland Civic Centre. When I say architecture in speech marks, I mean images that are architectural in nature! These are more about image and atmosphere than the traditional way of  recording architecture. I create a fair amount of architectural images for a wide variety of clients. From the straight recording of interiors and exteriors, which are sometimes made more tricky by having to take into account the weather, time of day, which way the building faces, to what the date is (so it’s not that straight forward after all). Add in to that the complexity of mixed lighting and composite work, where some of the elements of the image don’t even exist! So it’s definitely not that straight forward!

Some of the tools of the trade in the architectural photographers roll-along case are: PCE lenses (tilt and shift lenses) and also nodal point correctors, but in this case none of these bits of equipment are applicable here. These images of Sunderland Civic Centre were caputured on a Fuji X20 – not the ideal camera for low light and architecture – but remember it’s all about the image.

On another note, I seem to remember that Sunderland Civic Centre won an architecture award in the not-too-distant past. The architect was Sir Basil Spence, who designed, amongst other buildings of note, Coventry Cathedral. The civic centre is often, now a days, put in the same class as brutalist architecture, just like another favourite of mine, Manors Car Park in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Hope you enjoy and seeya soom, mb

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Sunderland Civic Centre Sunderland Civic Centre Sunderland Civic Centre Sunderland Civic Centre Sunderland Civic Centre