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Northern Correspondent, Power Issue!

Hello. Here’s another job for the Northern Correspondent Power  Issue (number nine),  commissioned by Art Director Michelle Pegg and editor Ian Wylie. These images were created to a very specific brief, on the face of it a normal every day guy/girl  who has a power away from their normal persona (a bit Clark Kent). When faced with a project like this, the pre production is key to creating images that fit the brief, with that in mind you can find that the pre production takes far longer than the actual shooting time. So, this project being for a magazine with a print deadline, we had TWO WEEKS to pre production/image creation/retouching!!!!!!! So without panicing, we made it happen!

On the shoot we had to control as much as we could. The weather had to be taken into consideration, our talents timetables had to be taken into account and locations scouted and organised.  All the images lit, in a subtle way as not to distract from the normal/everyday feel of the images. There’s a bit of behind the scenes on the Facebook page.

Toys used on this one- Nikon D800e, 80-200 f2.8 and 24mm/45mm/85mm, PCE lenses, with Godox 360 flash units with hi-speed triggers.

Northern Correspondent Power issue