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EGGER’s Forestry brochure. Another job in print.

Hi, here’s EGGER’s Forestry brochure.  Just returned from an adventure on the west coast of Scotland, near Carlisle and the Borders of Scotland which, in time, the images created on that trip will be shared at a later date. So you’ll just have to be as patient as me (good luck with that!). This collection had the usual problems. The main one being the weather, but the best way to tackle that one is wait five minutes! The photography obstacles to overcome were to create large enough files to print six metres by two metres, this was for a exhibition panel. So a panoramic image was created with a shift lens to meet the large file requirements. Another challanging aspect of this job was to create images that could be used as trees in 3D! This had been attemped years before, but the client wasn’t happy with the finished result. I worked out, that if I approached the creation of the image in the opposite way of using a “Nodal point” corrector the file would work when printed and stetched around the tubes. Result-it all worked, client happy!

EGGER's Forestry brochure


We’re still travelling around the country creating images in locations in Northampton, Birmingham, Dudley and London! It’s all “rock and roll” oh and talking of rock and roll, this months shot of the month is on the Facebook page!

Seeya soon mb