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Angel of the North

Hi again, Angel of the North architectural portraits!

As noted in the previous upload, portraits faired thin on the ground with last years SOTM, so here’s a few portraits! Alright! It’s a bit of a stretch, they’re more like architectural details, but under the UN rules of poetic licence, I’m claiming these to be “portraits” (just so I can even out my stats on the blog!). Well here we go, the start of another year, I’m looking forward to catching up on the projects that weren’t completed last year, also starting the ones which were in pre production and the ones which were conversations over meetings/sarni/coffee/fortuitous meeting in the street, so in the words of Joey L “lets make it happen!”

Oh, and stuff used on this one-camera with a lens! (BTW a Nikon one!)


Angel of the North Angel of the North Angel of the North Angel of the North Angel of the North