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Brimham rocks

Hello again! Brimham rocks and a hard place, don’t worry it’ll all become clear soon!

It’s that time again, I feel the years are getting shorter, this last year feels like a ten month year, I blame decimalisation! Theres been a few uploads this December already and this one just could be the last one of the year! Anyway back to this one, I was shooting a job in York and I’d decided to travel back via Brimham Rocks. I’d tried to visit the location before, in the summer, but the place was really busy, no spaces in the car park! The weather was better in the summer, but on this trip the weather was awful, rain/fog and not so warm! But me being me, I decided even if I didn’t suceed in creating an image I was happy with I was still going! Working with the challenging conditions was fun!

But, it went a bit like this. Tripod up, shield the camera while putting it’s rain cape on, quickly attach it to the tripod, move the rain cape from the lens and have a quick look through the viewfinder. Then compose the image, then quickly take the shot. No long exposures here, speed was the name of the game! I initially went there to create the second image, but after returning and looking at the images on the screen I prefer the first one, at the moment!

Anyhow! Stuff used-Nikon D800e, 24 PCE lens, 45 PCE lens, rain cape, Nikon cable release, Giotto tripod, Manfrotto geared head with rt angled bracket. Tissues for runny nose and cough due to the horrible weather!

Oh and if this is the last upload of the year, Shot of the month for Xmas is on the Facebook page. Thats if you didn’t receive it via the mailing list and if I don’t see you before hand, have a good break and a happy Xmas. Hope to see you next year!

Brimham rocks Brimham rocks