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Underwater photography

Hi again, here’s a bit of underwater photography, the “arty” version of Novembers “shot of the month”. In other words, make it mono, then call it art! Seriously, when creating images it’s best to make your mind up in the creation stage,  so I can “see in mono” when capturing images, instead of having to be aware of “balancing colours” when creating colour images. I know it’s easy to “fix” things in post, but I’m a photographer/film maker not a computer jockey!

This image was created for East Durham Divers, a fun project. Visability wasn’t good and the weather out of the water was just as wet. It was shot at a diver training facility and I was looking to create interesting images to go alongside more controlled images to be shot in a dive pool and also when they have boat trials in the North Sea when the weather improves.

Anyway, you can decide which one you prefer, mono version below and colour one can be found on the facebook page.Thats if you haven’t received it via the power of mailchimp!

Underwater photography

Not long till Xmas, I wonder what Santas been upto this year?