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Manors Car Park

Hello, this upload Manors Car Park, is an architectural one! Strange, as all I’ve seemed to shoot recently are people pictures! Well there’s a reason for this, well sort of! I was shortlisted to apply for a really good opportunity to create some images (sorry can’t mention who the company is, or what they do!) but I couldn’t resist continuing on with the project. As I’ve had the pleasure of “crossing swords” with this car park before. Quite a while ago, I created some 180 degree rotatonal panoramics as backgrounds for a job which didn’t go ahead! Hang on, maybe the car park’s jinxed, looks like I’m not having much luck with this subject! But I hope you like them and I might just keep going with this one, as you never know, it could be a casualty of regeneration!

Oh and I nearly forgot “shot of the month” is another image from this project, you can check it out on the Facebook page, or send me your email and I’ll put you on the list!

Manors Car Park Manors Car Park Manors Car Park Manors Car Park Manors Car Park

For all the gear heads- Nikon D800e, 24/45/85 PCE lenses, Z size grads, Giotto tripod with Manfrotto geared head, 2X Hi-vis vests.