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Sesame Street

Hi, “Mis for….”! It’s a bit “Sesame Street” this month, I was toying with an idea to create all the letters of the alphabet from natural or man made shapes (I’ll apologise now as some of the images are a bit obvious, but others are a bit trickier! Good luck) the project was progressing, but I started to struggle with about four of the letters and had more than a few good examples of other letters, this made me have a bit of a re-think. This month I’m posting three and over the next “howeverlong” you’ll be subjected to the rest and hopefully now with the pressure of having the images out there I’ll create the elusive four that have evaded my creativity!

Also if you’ve seen the shot of the month for June I’ve been in the land of “Rock and Roll!” for Sunderlands “Smokin’ Trace”. I’ve been creating some images for the lads Facebook and Soundcloud page, also there’s a video in post production, so keep an eye out!

Sesame Street Sesame Street Sesame Street

Oh! Before I forget, stuff used – Olympus EPL-1, Fuji X20, i-Phone 4, with a bit of Photoshop!

Seeya soon mb