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Hi again, killing a bit of time in Redcar.

Been busy, as usual, with images I can’t post at the mo, shame!

Anyway, I was out working and had a bit of time to kill between jobs, so here’s a couple of images, stay tuned as there’s more on the way!

A few words on the post production of these images, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away! When images were created with film and chemistry, I was a keen black and white printer. I used to print for other photographers, single images, a colection of images for advertising and also exhibitions. One of my favourite methods was lith printing! These images were made in a style reminiscent of lith printing with peachy/brown colours and deep blacks. I have fond memories of the time I used to print along with all the other techniques and tricks that creating mono prints that bit “special”. Now were all digital, all these “old” ways of image creation are surely obsolete couldn’t be further from the truth, all they do is add to the knowledge and experience of creating images in any age!


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