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Xmas rush, or tree crazy!

Happy Xmas

Every Christmas I usually try and find an image which is a bit “left field” and not trying to disappoint (me!) here’s this years effort (the first one is shot of the month), along with a couple of “also rans”.

I was picking Lizzie and a friend up from the theater late and on the drive there I noticed the Xmas tree on a roundabout, I thought, that looks interesting, so I returned a couple of days later, and talk about busy! It was “wackie races” at finishing work time and I thought, I wonder if anybody traveling home would notice the tree! But I thought the tree looked nice and deserved to have its picture taken!

Hope everyone has a good holiday, I’d like to thank everyone who was part of any adventure in this last year, and I hope to see you all in the “image making adventures” next year, it’ll be fun even if some of the projects that are being talked about now materialize in the next couple of months!

Seeya next year, mb

_DSC7919 DSCF1932 DSC_0014-copy _DSC7909-copy tree_0621