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I know it’s only rock and roll!

But I like it! I like it! Yes I do!

Hi, any one recognise the song?

I was asked by guitarist and friend Damien if I could shoot some promo shots for his band The Blue Flames, who entertain the great and good on the west coast, no not California, Carlisle!  They’re a great club/function and pub band who sound great and really enjoy what they do and you know me I like anyone who is passionate about there craft!  The brief was simple, create images that would be used for Facebook/twitter and maybe the odd poster or editorial. If anyones been reading this blog for a long time, you might recognise Damien, but not wearing some clothes! No! Not like that, Damien attempted to swim the channel for charity, he nearly suceeded, if it wasn’t for the tide turning, but he still raised a lot of money, well done that man!

Back to the job, we only had a few hours to play with, so we set up a “pop up” studio at The Andalusian, big thanks to Tracey, to shoot some portraits then off to the streets to have a look at a couple of pre scouted localtions for the outside image.  Everyone had a good laugh with thanks to the rest of the band-Dave, Lisa and Jamie, who also shot the BTS.

For all the gearheads –
Lighting – Elinchrom AS 3000 pack with T4 head, AS3000 head, 3000 ringflash, 95cm octa box, 22″ beauty dish,  Nikon SB800, SB900 with Calumet power blocks, Calumet radio triggers,  Manfrotto Stands.
Cameras – Nikon 800e, 85d f1.8, 105 DC f2, 45 PC-E lens, Giotto tripod.

Untitled-1-copy _DSC7767-pano Untitled-2-copy BTS copy _DSC7872 _DSC7877

Yes I know I left the light in one of the shots!

Seeya soon mb