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As promised, if you read the Facebook page, here’s some shots of the moon. I saw on the news the “super moon” was happening soon and also I’ve been reading a few really good blog posts from Jack Lowe, he created an image of the moon a few months ago in the blog post about Kielder Observatory and I was intrigued to see what I could do with the moon. I don’t have access to telescopes and the like, so I was going down the route of long lenses and the like, so I spent a few weeks “moon spotting” then running into the garden, or middle of street (we live on a quiet road, thank goodness, a friend called round and called me a lunatic and apparently it wasn’t an insult!) with heavy tripod, camera and big lens with convertor on! I know I couldn’t compete with the telescope brigade, so I was going for a more “moon in sky, dosen’t it look good” look, than a “sky at night” image.

By the way I like the first one!

seeya mb

moon moon-1 moon-2 moon-3