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I’ve fixed the gas leak!

Oh well!

There’s always the Euro’s, no, I am not talking about the currency, remember the world cup! I am trying to forget it.

I was in Northern Ireland to shoot a job and I had a chance to visit the Giants Causeway and it’s shot of the month for this month, want to receive one of these a month, then send me your email addresss and I’ll put you on the list. The night I travelled to the Causeway it was the night of the England vrs Uruguay game, I listened to the first half on the radio whilst traveling there and when I arrived, at half time, I was loosing my interest in the footy as I thought the players would be back home before me! Anyway, I parked up and started the twenty minute walk to the Causeway, when I got to the location I found more people wandering about than was listening to the football match (a slight exaggeration) a few were photographers and people just enjoying the sunset, so I had to pick angles that omitted the people or they were easy to remove in post production. The time of year wasn’t kind for photographing a sunset, the sun was directly into the lense (a seascape is a bit reflective for directly into the sun shot, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t). So I shot some pic’s and had a bit look around for some alternative views, the sunset the everybody went home, including the photographers!!!!! Why, when the sunset, that was the best time, the light values in the shot were easier to balance, oh well, I stayed for over an hour and came back with five good images, the one below is the shot of the month, I’ve included the mailer so you know sort of what SOTM looks like and there’s more images from trip in the portfolio section on this site, not all are from the Causeway.

Seeya in a bit mb.

Shot of the month July-14 blog

Sorry forgot to post the fanboy stuff- Nikon D800e, 24mmPCE, 45mmPCE, big stoppa and various grey grads.