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Keeping up the football theme?

It’s a GOAL! well we live in hope.

It’s another short film, and I bet you’re wondering why all the films and no photography?

Well, I’ve still been shooting loads of photography, but I’ve been working on a few short films (theirs another three in the pre production stage, oh dear!) Shot of the month for May is a portrait, check it out on the Facebook page and I promise photography will be back on the blog soon. Just in case you’re wondering, why a couple of films? Well, I am glad you asked, I like the idea of story telling, whether it be still images that stand alone or lend themselves to a part of design/web-based project or an advertising image (remember, I’m in the communication game where story telling and moving ideas are very important, it’s a necessary skill to have, and also work on) but I also like the idea of being part of the collaborating process and producing/shooting films are definitely that!

I hope you enjoy them, they were fun to work on (remember, thats why I do this!), and I would like to thank my… (sounds like my acceptance speach, yeah right!) no, seriously I would like to thank Eden and Mickey for all their help and also for being part of these projects.

Seeya soon mb