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What’s in the bag!

March already! Nearly easter!

As promised on the Facebook page it’s “what’s in the bag”. Being a bit of a inquisitive soul, I like to see whats in other photographers kit bags, maybe it’s to find out if anyone’s got a better way of existing photo life without gaffa tape, blu tac and as a last resort hot glue gun!

Here’s some shots of the kit I used to shoot last months shot of the month, the only thing that’s missing is the tripod and a pole for the light to go on, so enjoy the final images, the kit and a bit of BTS (assistant on this one was Alan, he shot the BTS shots, thanks).

Other important stuff I forgot to mention, warm clothes, two way radios, hard hat, hi-viz vest and boots, you have to be comfortable and safe when working in industrial areas. Checkout the Facebook page as it’s gone all pop up studio! Use the link above, also the shot for this month’s on there as well!

Seeya mb

kidland skyline kidland-1BTS kidland-2BTS bags lite bag-1 cam bag-1