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We all have choices?

Here I go again, as DC once said!

Remember last month’s shot of the month, well here’s a bit of BTS, (I did warn you that there’s going to be more of this and there’s more on it’s way!) As you can see there’s a couple of extra shots in the BTS so you can decide whether I chose the wrong one for shot of the month.

Choice, now that’s a funny one, when it’s personal work it’s a bit like, “I like jazz”, but not everyone does, so you run the risk that a percentage of your audience isn’t going to like it, but when it comes to commercial work the main goal is to service the brief, as the brief has narrowed the choices down, so the work can convey it’s message to the target audience. Having said that, If possible, when shooting commercially, I am a great believer that you’ve got to try and bring something to the table, sometimes to add to the brief or problem solve how the image will be created, if not, just commission a technician to shoot the shots! Back to the personal work, if you think I chose the wrong shot in the BTS, thats fine, as my choice say’s more about me, than the one that you prefer.

Shot of the month this month is a skyline operating in Kidland, if you didn’t get it, it’ll be on the Facebook page, along with some BTS shots, see link below, this one was a tricky one, three shot comp and the right hand side of the shot was lit with flash, as the machine was in shadow! Why do I make things so hard for myself!

How’s this for added value, you wait around for a bus, then three come around the corner! Here’s phase two and three of the Benfield Ford job that was last months blog upload, big thanks again to the team who created the ads, – see last months blog, but this time Carla did the artwork and the photo assistant on this one was Dan, their’s some BTS shots on the Michael Baister Photography Facebook page, and in an all embracing modern tech type of way, it’s an instagram party!!

Benfield Ford Sunderland-1 Benfield Ford-2

For all the gear fan boys out there, this months stuff was shot on, i-phone, Fuji x10 and x20, Olympus epl-1, Nikon D800e, Nikon D3x, 24mmPC-E, 45mmPC-E, Genisis 300 battery flash unit, calumet radio triggers.

seeya soon mb