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Benfield Ford photo shoot.

Happy new year everyone, hope you had a good Xmas.

Sorry it’s a bit late, been a bit busy and I’ve had to wait until I could use the shots for this month’s upload. The job was shot, the week up to Xmas and this month we’ve been working on the second phase, so I betcha can’t wait to see another shot of me standing in front of a 48 sheet in the street!(that shot is on the Facebook page)
Big thanks to Terry at Benfield, Simon, Joe, Judith and Adrian at Different and my photography assistant was Adam.

Here’s some BTS, hope you like it.

BTS Benfield Ford 48 sheet 96 sheet

Hope you enjoyed this months shot of the month a shot of Roker pier, it was a bit cold, but it was nice to get out over the holiday period to shoot something for myself, if you missed you can see it on my Facebook page

Just to put a bit pressure on myself, I’ve got some interesting uploads planned for the first half of the year, that hopefully dosen’t mean the last six month’s will be rubbish! So stay tuned!

Seeya mb.