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Lucky 13.

Ho ho ho!

Time, I think it’s becoming faster than a speeding bullet, well that’s how it feels!

This year’s been funny one, lots of exciting project’s have come and gone, at least one of them will grace the blog in the next couple of months, when it’s all installed in the clients office (keep calm! There’s also a bit of video to go with it). But never mind what’s coming, let’s look back over this year. We’ve had landscapes in November and October, cycle racing in September, studio portraits in August, June and March, a short film or two in July and March, location portraits in May, a book project for a hotel in April and some architecture in January. All of these projects have encompassed the usual fare of commercial photography disciplines, landscapes, still life, portraits and architecture, not to mention the types of portraiture, candid, studio, location etc and also there are the hundreds of jobs that didn’t make the blog for one reason or another. This variety is what makes my job a pleasure, I should re phrase that, it’s not a job if you’re doing something you love! I was asked recently what type of photography do I enjoy the most and I couldn’t really answer them, yes it’s not fun when you have to wait for the weather to change or other problems are stopping you from working that are beyound your control, but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it, if it was!

If anybody is questioning whether he is real, I’ll leave you with irreputable proof, happy Xmas and see you next year.


Santa's here!