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Dunstanburgh Castle.

Hello again.

This month has been a busy one, doing a bit of night shift and day shift, not good when it’s all in the same day!

In previous blog uploads I’ve talked about how I shoot or problem solve some of the images I’ve uploaded to the blog, so here’s a landscape.

Camera – Nikon D3x, 24mm tilt and shift lens, Heliopan 10 stop filter, 2 stop grey grad, f8 @ 2 minutes, rain cover to keep the sea off the camera.

Here’s the stuff you don’t want to know, this shot had a deadline, I needed to keep an eye on the weather as the forecast wasn’t looking good. I had an hour and twenty minute drive to the location and a twenty minute walk, a long way to go if the weather changes and thats a lot of diesel if you get your timings or weather wrong ( have a look at the banner image on the home page of the website, that image had similar problems ). When I got to the location I arrived about forty minutes before the sun broke the horizon, shot some pic’s, then some clouds formed as the sun appeared, shot a couple more frames, then the weather changed and that was it, the moment had gone. When shooting long exposures with a “big stoppa filter” you have to get the composition nailed down, as you can’t see through the camera and the time it takes for the camera to move the file onto the card from the start of the exposure can be a few minutes, so changing your view means filters off, move, recompose, filters on then expose shot, these are valuable minutes when the weathers changing. But on the plus side none of it matters when you get the shot, thats why I still do this! Remember the three f’s! If you don’t you’ll have to go back a few blog uploads to find out what they are!

seeya soon mb

Dunstanburgh castle