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It’s water, and it’s wet!


Another month has past and we’ve been busy with food, interiors, exteriors and a bit of “fly on the wall, type stuff” which was quite exciting as we used really long lenses, for a tighter view and a different feel to the images. So with all the excitement of using these big lenses for a job I decided to use them for a trip to the Lakes, I shot a 17 shot panoramic of the hills of the Borrowdale Valley, the shot looks good, need to go back when the weather is a bit better but the final image is huge, too big for website or portfolio, when I get a print done I’ll post a shot of that!

In the late 80’s I used to buy a magazine call Photo Pro, it was a really good magazine, written by working photographers – Richard Killpatrick was the editor, he contributes to BJP these days, they published a set of mono waterfall and landscape shots, they were beautifully printed (in a darkroom! Remember that!) since then I’ve always had a soft spot for that type of image. Yes I know that it’s a bit picture “postcardie” in content and a million miles away from contemporary “new topographic” type images, which I also like and shoot, but an image that is well shot, has interesting composition with a treatment, whether that be mono or HDR that suits the final image is still valid. Anyway, I was only shooting the pic’s for me and they’re definitely not “postcardie” (then why am I posting them on the blog for you to see them – that’s another discussion for another day). So are my images as good as the ones I saw in Photo Pro all them years ago? I am not sure – you can decide if you think they have the X factor. The shots that were in the magazine are just a distant memory now, but the images were that good, they made an impression on me that’s lasted this long, that’s what makes photography fantastic isn’t it!

Seeya soon. mb

PS the shot of the months a bit watery as well, if you want to be put on the shot of the month list send you email address or “like” the michael baister photography Facebook page, as it’s posted on there.

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