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Velocity cycle racing, tyne tunnel 1

Well did I do it?

I did sort of!

The original question was “could I stop a speeding cyclist at EV2 iso3200”

My plan was to shoot from two positions, shoot with long lens at-position 1, triggering two flash guns and another camera-position 2, with an extreme wide lens that would also trigger it’s own remote flash guns in a different radio loop to the camera at position one, tricky stuff, it took a few tests after spending a couple of hours trying to work out how to comfigure the radio triggers, not to mention first or second curtain flash sync. When we got in position the long lens idea didn’t work too well, the race was on a straight and the spectators got in the way, but it would of worked if I had a better camera position, that wasn’t possible so I had to just work around how I’d set everthing up. After shooting four or five races I reviewed the images from the second camera position and I was pleasantly surprised how the images looked, all I was after in doing this project was to create something a bit different, an image that would try to sum up what Velocity racing in the tunnel is. So, I was happy with position 2, a bit dissapionted with position 1, so I went with, Lets turn everything off and see if I can get an image without all the tricks of flash and radio triggers!

The first image is a result of that, a three shot comp that just seems to work. it’s shot of the month for September! The other shots are from position 2, oh cameras used Nikon D3,D800e, lenses 300f2.8, 70-200f2.8, 28f1.8 and 10-20f4.5.

Hope you like them, and see you next month. mb

velocity-pano-1 copyVelocity 1 Velocity 2