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I’d like to thank my……

Hi, it’s middle of the month madness.

Well nearly half way through the year and the longest day is less than a week away, I feel as though I’ve time travelled the first half of this year! This months shot of the month is a portrait, shot when I made another short film for the Crick Crack story telling company at the Playhouse in Newcastle. I was going to use the short film in this months upload but the editing process is still in progress, so whilst pondering on what nuggets of wisdom or tales of adventures in far flung exotic places like Peterlee this months upload fell into my lap in spooky circumstances!

Let me set the scene, I was rendering out raw film footage converting to MP4’s which is quite exciting – select a file then let the computer do the maths, it takes ages if you have lots of footage and I had lots of footage. So I decided to watch a film on my iPad and “Argo” was my choice. If you have already seen the movie and watch it all the way to the end (don’t worry I am not spoiling the end of the movie) you find out the main man receives an award in which he can’t tell anyone about it for 30 years! A couple of days go by and I am catching up with whats happening on “Linked in” and I find out that a job I shot for Guerilla Communications has won a few awards that Guerilla and myself didn’t know anything about! No change there then!

Yes, I know I haven’t rescued hostages from certain death (sorry, I think I’ve spoilt the end of the movie now!) but I hope we might have saved some one from killing themselves by stealing cable thats live!!

Obviously I shot the pictures, super art direction was by Matt Clark, Guerilla Senior Creative and fantastic make up was by Laura Tallentire. We had a good morning and it was a great team effort. Some of the behind the scene stuff was in my review of the year and I hope you like the images and the finished poster, enjoy, and see you soon  mb.

Link and copy below is from CIPR web page.


Integrated Communications

Gold winner

Confronting metal theft

Nexus delivered an excellent campaign based on sound behavioural and stakeholder research. Prioritising its resources effectively, they were able to address the issues and successfully engage with policymakers. The campaign reached potential perpetrators through a hard-hitting media campaign and a strong safety message. Social media engagement helped passengers to understand clearly the cause of their journey delays, leading to fewer complaints on Twitter. The campaign was particularly successful in building consortia of supporters, including the scrap metal trade, local politicians, emergency services, Chambers of Commerce and 36 other organisations, leading to changes in how scrap metal is purchased and new legislation.

Nexus cable theft photography


Nexus cable theft photography


Nexus cable theft photography