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Angel of Corbridge photobook

Hey ho!

It’s out and it’s a book!

Remember years ago when I said I was working on a book (there I go again complaining about how long things take, delays and other complications) well it’s out and printed. I shot the interiors, interior details, architectural exteriors and details, food and people and a really good job it was to work on. The brief was to capture the feel of the business and how it links with the locals and suppliers, the project took approx two weeks shooting time spread over a three month period to take in the game shoot, and the restaurant had a refurb. I’ve got to thank all who helped with their co-operation in making this an enjoyable project to work on, Kevin, John, Dave and all the staff at the Angel and the Bay Horse, all the suppliers who gave up their time and Sarah who designed the project, if I’ve forgotten someone, sorry and thank you, the book is on sale at the Angel or you can obtain it through their website www.theangelofcorbridge.com/

Well what else have we been up to, remember BIG pictures, thats making some progress and will make an appearance hopefully in the next couple of months, also a road trip I took will be a blog upload soon-next month fingers crossed.

Hope you like the shots of the book and this is only a taster and talking of food, theirs recipes in as well.

Angel of Corbridge photographic book

Seeya next month mb