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Leaves on the tracks.

Here we go again!

Since I mentioned things being delayed a few weeks ago. it’s become the story of my life, not true really it’s just been the last couple of weeks! Planning permission delays, work at the printers waiting to be signed off, waiting for products to be ready and waiting for gaps in peoples diaries, so they are available for a shoot, the trials and tribulations! Oh and the weather, whats going on, snow easter! This didn’t happen when I was a lad but then again thats what killed off the dinosaurs, they all froze to death!

I was talking to a friend the other day and we were discussing a portrait I shot for a book, which is at the printers at the moment, will be in next months upload (yeah right, remember delays!) and I was talking about how I lit the subject and why I chose to light it the way I did, a couple of days passed and we happened to meet again and my friend mentioned our previous conversation and said it was fascinating the decision process I went through when shooting the image, but that is how all work should be done, but sometimes it doesn’t always work that way. I am going to give it some thought as I might use this image as an example of how I approach lighting a subject in a blog post in the future, watch this space!

With this thought in mind I have used a project I shot a while ago, the images are taken from an exhibition titled “Opportunity not sympathy”. The aim of the work was to shoot portraits of individuals who happen to have tattoo’s, not portraits of tattoo’s on individuals, yes thats a big difference and a bit of a challenge, using mono film and using one medium soft light source helped. I interviewed each person with the same four questions, so I could put the person at ease, find out a bit about them and also I could compose the final image. As the object of this project was to have prints on a gallery wall, BIP- before inkjet printers- these images were printed in a darkroom (can’t believe I just said that) on fibre based paper which would take over one and a half hours to produce each one, toned and archivialy washed. It’s amazing how far technology has moved photography on, but one thing hasn’t changed, the thought process of how a job evolves from drawings on a page or conversations about what a client needs, these can’t be bought online or from a shop, they come from years of experience, being able to understand a brief and having a curiosity of what things look like when they are photographed, photography is just a tool, a way of communicating ideas, whether thats to sell products, communicate information or just to show how fantastic things look.

Hope you like the shots, seeya next time-mb