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Head wires.


Well it’s September again, where does all the time go, and it’s been quite busy lately and I am in a sort of inbetween place when it comes to the blog, over the years I have been uploading to this rant in my own head, I swing from knowing what to talk about and I have it all planned, to blind panic of I am running out of time due to working away or busy or I can’t include images and words of what I am working on. I always send out a shot of the month ( if you don’t recieve it, send me your email address and I’ll put you on the list) but the blog upload does not include that (ok I did it once) as I want to talk about other stuff and for those who know me I’ve always got something to say, I try to look at the blog part of the web site as a platform to talk about ideas or show how things are done, so this months shot is a wall, a happy wall!

If you’re interested I have all the blog posts sorted after this one until after Xmas (their could be another little film, don’t worry it’s not another review of the year) hows that for being organised, wish I could do this with my Xmas shopping but then again it’s only one shop!

On the a tech note, I’ve been playing with an app called adobe nav, it manages your tools on CS5 photoshop on an iPad, not bad for £1.49, when will we live in a star trek world, the way things are going it’ll be mid March next year!

see you next month mb.