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Here we are again.

As you will gather from the shots, I’ve been on holiday with the family to France. This is the second time we’ve been to France for a holiday, this time we took information as to the whereabouts of my Liz’s great uncle’s war grave.The brave chap payed the ultimate price and is buried near Arras. The small cemetery is in a farmers field, but is pristinely looked after, their are just under 600 soldiers there. After this trip I visited some more cemeteries, one near Praast with approx 2000 soldiers from both sides and another near Soissons with approx 10,000 French soldiers there. It’s a bit of a sobering thought when you stand in front of lines of crosses but when you look at the age of the soldiers they range from 15 to 19 years old!

My other fascination are the crucifix’s, sometimes in the strangest of locations, apparently they are erected when someone has had a vision and in that very spot a crucifix is then erected, if I am wrong someone can happily correct me but I think they look fascinating.

Hope you like the shots and lets see what next month brings.

seeya mb