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Tilt and shift, July.



Just feels like a couple of weeks since I uploaded last months, hang on it was! I’ve uploaded the shot of the month, this is a rarity, I’ve only done this once before. This one’s a shot I took for Neil Edmundson Design who’s working in colaboration with Readysalted a web design company, they’re a talented bunch and I’ll put their contact details at the end. The portrait was shot with a 45mm tilt and shift lens on an APS-C sized chip camera (thats for the file size) with about 8mm of tilt so I could contain the plane of focus around Neil’s glasses, the lighting was a 160cm silver brolley with two Nikon SB800’s at about 1/4 power (thats so the recycling of two units on 1/4 power would be faster than one unit on 1/2 power – it’s a portrait) oh, and also the camera settings were ISO 100, 1/125th second shutter speed and the aperture was f 5.6, so thats how I did it. But it’s not is it, these are just technical settings that I used for the job that unfolded in front of me, yes I had a brief but it was quite loose but I was expected to shoot something with an interesting feel to it, thats not found in a technical spec sheet, you have to react to what’s at the location, then use any tool in your bag (camera or lens choice) to create the image you have in your minds eye, but more importantly the job was fun and everyones happy with the end result.

Neil Edmundson design-07966250596
Readysalted, Simon-08456210600

My jet set life style is still on going, here’s a clue for my next stop!

Bye for now mb.