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Cavalier landscapes.


This month’s a short one, been really busy working on jobs I can’t talk about never mind show the shots, but I was able to shoot some pictures whilst traveling inbetween some of the jobs, hence the title “cavalier landscapes” the view point was close to where I parked my Vauxhall cavalier, engine running, jump out, shoot, jump in again, off to next location – sorry it’s an old joke, which I have stolen from someone and I drive a Fiat.

At the minute I am packing my bucket and spade as I am off to Greece to shoot a job, I will upload some shots from Greece when I return or maybe some of the top secret jobs when the clients have annouced their new products and vision for their future.

In the mean time hope you like the shots and I’ll try to bring back some sticks of rock!

See ya mb

cavalier landscapes copy