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Summer’s here?


It’s nearly the end of March, what’s happened, it feels like christmas was just last week! Anyway the sun’s shining and we are having a long dry spell, breaking records and a hose pipe ban, absolutely fantastic for a location, architectural photographer, which I have been known to do a bit of that kind of work – well quite a lot actually, so you would think all’s well.

All is well! But the only thing I see of the outside is when I unpack the equipment from the car and carry it inside to a studio or a location interior. That’s about normal for me, requests like “we need it to snow” – in June! or “I know it’s December, but can you retouch the leaves back on that tree!” This is all part of the fun of commercial photography and to be truthfull, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The job I am working on now has it’s challenges, but I am working with a great creative team and we are having a really good laugh. We started early February and we should be finished mid April, if you’re lucky it could be a blog post in the future. Talking of the future I am going on a mini road trip across Scotland, this one sounds a good one, I’ll tweet that one when I start it soon.

A couple of Fridays ago a friend (David Whitfield, a really talented designer-thats a fiver please) asked if I could take some shot’s of Jack Arthurs, a musician for the launch of his new album – Only dreams are true – at a venue in Newcastle for his website. Couldn’t resist a bit of live music and to take some pic’s so here’s my efforts – this is my second go at being a rock photographer – I use that term very loosely, my first was at Middlesboroughs’ Mela festival and it’s been enjoyable both times. Also the gig was excellent and he is well worth checking out. So go to his website for more info, wwwjackarthurs.co.uk

Well thats it for this month, seeya soon mb