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Do you want to be no.1

Hello again,

It’s a new one, I’ve opened this months post with the Shot of the Month.


Simon’s a performance coach who works with atheletes and business people, he improves an individuals performance so they can achieve more and be number 1, also he’s a really nice chap, so when I was comissioned to take the shot we discussed how we could bring sport and business together in an image that would tick all the boxes, as well as page size/shape and where the copy would go. If anyone is interested in what Simon can do for them, send me your number and I’ll pass it on.

Last month I was asked to shoot a job in Berwick – about 11am. The last time I was in Berwick it looked an interesting place, and it’s on the coast, also if you follow the blog uploads you’ll know I am partial to a bit of sand dancing, so 5am and a 90 mile journey. I set off to find a beach for a bit of 3f’s. I set off in the dark and get 5 miles from Berwick and see a sign that says beach turn right, so I turn right, drive down a road which turns into a lane, which passes a farm house, which seems to be going nowhere (remember it’s dark) I see a place where I could pull my car to the side of the road, I get out of the car and I can’t see it but I can hear the sea, result! I open the boot of the car, start to get the gear out then realize no torch, but with a bit of lateral thinking I use my mobile phone to light the way on to the beach and here’s the shots from that adventure.

Oh and when I got back in the car to go to the job, it was postponed till April!

Berwick seascapes


Seeya next Month mb