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Xmas, it’s back!


Well it’s back, Xmas, twelve months have flown by and yes it’s another short film. Well this ones not as short as the others, but stay with it their are some job’s in there that you’ll say “ooh you did that job!” Well ok you’ll maybe say it once. This year has flown by, it’s amazing, where does all the time go? This year has seen a big change in the way I have worked in the photography business, as I have used the short film’s to promote taking still images (October 2010,was the first short film.) This was an idea to make the viewing of work on the web a different experience. I cannot measure how successful from a commercial stand point this has been (about 700 views have been counted) but I did not do this for that reason. I think some things in life/business have to be done just for the reason they have to be done. Yes I am fortunate to work in a creative profession that can allow this. I have had the opportunity this year to shoot some short commercial films and have a couple of others in the pipeline for next year. I am enjoying the process of creating films, it really interests me but I will always love still photography – it’s been a passion since I was twelve years old. I know their will be friends out there saying how come he’s been doing it that long and he’s still no better, John and Graeme!

As I write this, it’s started to snow outside (quick put the Bing Crosby film on.) I hope everyone has a good christmas – if you’ve been good Santa might bring you all the things on your list.

Hope you enjoy the short film, posting it has caused my grey hair to turn white, and hopefully see you next year.


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Review of the year from michael baister on Vimeo.