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November’s travel update.

November travels copy
Hello again.

Sorry, did not upload anything to the blog last month as I was really busy, thanks for all your emails I received asking where I was – I wish! I have been on my travels, I thought my jet-set days had gone but no, I did just over 1000 miles in one week, from one end of the country to the other, shooting some varied stuff from furniture to interiors, it’s been fun working with good clients, having a laugh and driving the wrong way down a one way street.

The images on the blog this month are some shots I took for myself on some down time (remember the 3f’s, come on keep up that was in a previous upload). Hope you like them as you can see it includes angry building and mad monkey, also the shot of the month for this month was another shot I took on the way to a job, had to stop the car and take the shot, it’s at Loch Fyne, not a kipper in sight but i videoed me shooting for another project and I slipped over – maybe I slipped on a kipper, I don’t think it’s a £250 clip for Harry Hill. If you read the blog but don’t receive the shot of the month, please send me your email info and I will put you on the mailing list.

As for work this month, I have been working on a short corporate film which will be uploaded when the editing process has finished (I will put a link on the blog when it’s ready to view). With all the talk of convergence in the world of digital imaging it is something that I have decided to look at, as a service to provide. Years ago as photographer who mainly shot large format film, I thought that this digital thing would not catch on in the line of work I did (how foolish I was back when the dinosaurs had just died off – I have friends who still remind me of these words – thanks Graeme).

I am in two minds about next month. I usually send out a Xmas shot of the month, but I have another idea, it will be my biggest upload to date, it’s a bit ambitious but I hope to end the year with something
I hope you enjoy!

See you next month mb