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September’s button magic?

Hello again,

September’s been a busy time, had a bit of a 007 moment with one job, can’t post it this month but don’t worry I’ll include it in a future post.

In between jobs I still carry a camera and shoot things that catch my eye sometimes it’s for visual note taking, so I can return another time of day and re shoot, or sometimes it’s because the small camera or iPod have the feel that the image requires. I mentioned this in a previous blog upload, the preset types of retouch that are included in the app or scene setting on a camera are quite remarkable, they sometimes transform the most mundane shot into something reasonable, is that a road in which we all just press the button and wait for automated magic.

I think that there’s more to photography than the magic button (then again I would say that wouldn’t I!)We are in the communication game and photographer’s can’t rely on the magic button, we must be aware of the clients needs and more importantly the needs of the commission (in some cases these are totally two different things??) You have to shoot what the client requires and then try to move the work forward by developing the idea further, then hopefully everyone has a smile!

Anyway have a look at my magic button shots for this month – any abuse can be forwarded via the usual channels.

Also I hope you’re not sick of the short films, there’s another one in the pipeline, maybe the end of the year!

Seeya mb