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Midgey bites to soaking wet!


What another film! – mines a coke and a hotdog.

It’s amazing what I can get up to from one month to the next, organising large machinary in a forest to meeting up with channel swimmer Damien for a bit of the three f’s (fotography for fun) this time I tried an underwater housing for an action shot but I also couldn’t resist a couple more portraits, Dan gave me a hand with this one so thanks Dan, also see if you can spot the trendy head wear that everyone will be after at 29 seconds into the film – you saw it here first!

In the second week in August Damien travelled down to Dover to swim the channel, he had a 4pm start time and stayed in the water for six hours, until the crossing had to be abandoned because ten foot high swells and waves made it unsafe. In his words he was “gutted” in not completing the swim but I know from the type of chap Damien is he would have given his all. Damien still managed to raise over £3000 thats -the count at the moment for Mencap – well done mate!

music by SilverFox

I have also been playing with a small format digital camera for small grab shots of shapes, details etc. In a world of the all singing digital camera I sometimes miss the use or misuse that you could have with film cameras. Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I was one of those photographers who used a 5×4 to shoot buildings and products. Occassionally when a job required 35mm I would shoot it on 5×4 or 10×8 to get a different feel to the image. This is now becoming more of a post process and not in the actual performance of the act of taking the shot, but people say thats progress! (I still shoot 5×4 and 10×8 mainly for the 3f’s).

Hope you enjoyed this one and I’ll see you next month mb.