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EGGER or what I did in the woods!


Here we go again with another upload that I hinted at in a previous blog.

I was commissioned by EGGER to produce shots of forest machinery, product and iconic landscapes
which showed various aspects of their business. The weather was a help and a hindrance on this one,
I had travelled to Kielder when the weather forecast was good, got there and you couldn’t see anything
for fog, then went up three days later when the forecast was not so good and got sunburnt, there’s
nothing like the British weather!

The machinery was very impressive and I tried to include the forest in with the harvester or loader so you can get the feeling of how the machine looks in it’s working environment and I knew this also meant that
the shots could be used as double page spreads or exhibition panels, the files had to be quite large 260 meg files to cover all uses in the future. Also the chaps who work in the forest were very accommodating
even when I asked them to start work at 4am so we could get the night shot and this shot was my idea not the clients!

The landscape shots had to include specific parts of the forest, so this meant a bit of map reading, a recce and the good old sun compass to plan the shot and as I mentioned earlier a bit of luck with the weather.
(you make your own luck)

I was really happy with the results and the client was too, so gold stars all around.

Lately I’ve been shooting more portraits than usual, so maybe next months upload will be a still life, no only joking, I could even threaten you with another short film but that could be film overload!!

You can contact me through the email and mobile number in the contact section on this website, I haven’t
had any abuse yet, so either no ones reading this(I am not stopping ,this saves me £20 at the therapist’s) or everyone likes it.

Roll on next month.