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Ball skill’s

hi ya

Get the popcorn in!!

It’s the blog upload for June and as promised for the last few months it’s finally here the next summer blockbuster-at just over one and a half minutes I am not going to give up my day job!!

As you can see from the film it’s a colaboration between Gav, Tom and myself. The creative idea was Gav’s, we discussed how we could develop the visual idea into photography based ad, I scouted out locations and the kind people at Ryhope RCA (Owen in particular) let us use their ground, the props were sourced so everything looked authentic to the feel of the visual, but the most important point was it had to carry the message of the ad.

The photography was relatively straight forward, it was the retouching that I had to compensate for whilst shooting and also controlling the footballers (thanks Adam and Dan).

Tom was involved in the creative process from the start, but his job tied everything together when supplying the copy to the finished ad.

I hope you enjoy the film as much as we did when we made it, roll on next month’s upload as i have quite a few jobs I would like to use, in fact I am loosing sleep over it-I wish!

Big thanks go to-
Gav at-http://creativewerk.co.uk
Tom at-http://plumeinc.co.uk

and yours truely

music by Silverfox