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Channel swimmer


It’s been a busy time lately, still working on the edit to the next blockbuster short film (70% done,can’t rush perfection-I wish) so should be in all good theaters next month.

This month I met Damien Baglee at a media event for the Great North Swim, who is swimming the Channel for charity (he has a facebook page so have a look) and I had an idea to shoot some editorial style shot’s for a bit of fun, if Damien was game. Sure enough Damien being just as daft as me was up for it, we both entered the water, as you can see, (the behind the scene shots were supplied be Damien’s mate Graham White, thanks Graham!) the shot’s turned out as I had expected (gold star to me) the only problem occurred when I tried to leave the water, Greenpeace showed up started to pushed me back in and spray me with water! (had to get the joke in first, so you can keep your emails!)

It’s good to create something interesting off the back off other work which also gives me the opportunity to meet interesting people and to produce nice work, I have kept in touch with Damien and I have arranged to photograph him again next month (could be another blog upload-if I keep this up I’ll run out of months and I’ll have to post two a month-oh joy!)

Anyway Summer’s nearly hear so see you next month, hang on, is that rain on the window?